Thursday, March 25, 2021

Devastating Consequences

In the past, when my Christian friends posted something I'd found to be untrue, I shared that with them assuming they were like me and didn’t want to be responsible for spreading lies via posts. It wasn't because I was "policing" anyone. Some appreciated it, some didn't. Now, I no longer bother and keep it moving.
Personally, I believe the source of a lie should be held accountable, especially when the lie contributes to horrific outcomes.
Yes, we have a personal responsibility to use due diligence and seek the truth, but the defense that no reasonable person would have believed the lie just doesn't wash for many believe and there can be devastating consequences.
Folk, we're living in scary times and we'd better be sure and very sure that our anchor holds and grips the solid rock--Christ.
God help us! 🙏🏽

Monday, March 8, 2021

Beware of the Chameleons

Spiritual Chameleon: A person who pretends to be something they are not, changing their characteristics to present the image needed for a particular environment.  

The chameleon lizard isn’t dangerous, but the spiritual chameleon can be very dangerous indeed. 

The spiritual chameleon has a form of godliness, but no power.  (2 Timothy 2:5)   They can talk the walk, but they cannot walk the talk because they haven’t submitted to God.  

Do you know any preachers who preach the church happy on Sunday, then live raggedy, ungodly lives the rest of the week?  This is a glaring example of a spiritual chameleon.

Here’s another.  Do you know anyone who uses the scripture to support and promote ungodly principles? For instance, they may use the scripture to support a right to kill, break laws, commit adultery (physical or emotional), hate, or treat others like they are less than human?

I’ve seen folk who were full of love for all humanity become sin weighers and judges, resulting in a diminished capacity to love people.  Hmm…wonder what happened to hating the sin, but loving the person—a human with like human needs? 

I’ve seen churches become pits of iniquity when their leadership lived raggedy lives for they take on the same characteristics as the leaders/pastor.

Singles, everybody spouting churched phrases aren’t Bible believing, born-again Christians.  It disappoints me greatly when I see folk who have been taught better, go out and settle for chameleons because they just must have somebody.  

Teenagers tend to dress and behave like their friends, even down to mannerisms and speech patterns.  Want to know what your teen is up to?  Watch their friends.  

Folk who’ve fallen victim to a spiritual chameleon will begin to take on the true characteristics of the chameleon.  Eventually, they’ll become like Samson when his hair was cut—powerless. They’ll still talk the walk, preach the house down, and pray most eloquently. They’ll have a form of godliness—but no power... 

Why does this happen?

      1 Corinthians 15:33 KJV 
      Be not deceived: evil communications [companionship, communion] corrupt 
      good manners.

      Proverbs 13:20 KJV
      He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be

Beware of the chameleons!

God help us!