Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Grow Folk Business

Ever had bills that had to be paid and there was not enough cash or savings to use to pay them?  

You have no cash and savings, but you do have a credit card. You pull it out of the sock drawer and use it to pay your bills (mortgage, rent, grocery, power, utilities, etc.).

Since you don't have enough cash to pay the credit card balance off every month, the balance grows. You eventually hit your credit limit and your financial situation hasn't changed, so you ask for an increase to your credit limit so you can continue to pay your bills. You get the increase, you continue to pay your bills...and your debt continues to grow.

That, my friend, is a very oversimplified explanation of the USA National debt and why the debt ceiling (the amount the government is allowed to borrow to pay its bills) is continuously raised.

If the USA defaults (doesn't pay its bills), there are grave economic consequences for the USA and economies around the world could be shaken.

Some folk don't really care about the global impacts of what the USA does, so let's focus on how it could impact home.

Here are a few impacts.

1. Social Security checks may not be cut. Some seniors are solely dependent upon those checks to live from month to month.

And NO, Social Security is not a handout. Seniors--and their employers--paid money into that fund over the years of their employment for their use when they became eligible.

2. Medicare benefits may not be paid. This is all the health insurance some seniors have.

3. Prices, interest rates, and inflation may skyrocket. 

4. The military may not be paid. They are vital to our national security.

5. Small businesses with federal loans could be at risk.

This is serious. 

The business of Congress is grown-up business that has far reaching impacts. Every seat needs to be filled with adults who act, behave, and think like responsible adults...capable adults.

It would be great if someone had a workable plan to tackle the National debt/debt ceiling issue. If so, they will be given a crown of economic greatness for the founders of this Nation didn't even have a solution.

By the time the USA became a nation, the National debt was already at about $75 million because of expenses related to the American Revolution and loans from France. It has continued to grow...

Children can't handle grown folk business.


Sunday, January 8, 2023

Happiness is Personal

Happiness doesn't have to have a big price tag.

You can vacation all over the world, and your discontent, anger, resentment, disappointment, problems, etc., will be vacationing right along with you. 

What's sad is when the only reason you went on vacation was to be like the Joneses or to show Susie how good you're doing.

Why compare yourself to the Joneses in the first place? There may be some messed up stuff going on behind the Joneses smiles.

Susie? She may know more than you think she does and is pitying you or is disgusted because she knows you are fronting and will be borrowing to pay your bills when you return from your vacation, eat at an expensive restaurant, go on a shopping spree, etc.

Why not do what really makes you happy/content: A walk in the park, marathoning episodes of your favorite TV show, curling up with a good book, gardening, painting, strolling on the beach, cooking, eating your favorite foods, sitting quietly, etc.? None of these are big ticket items.

For instance, I love to learn about other cultures. I enjoy Korean dramas. Sometimes, I'll find a really good one and marathon the episodes. No bothers and headaches. Just my recliner, periodic fridge runs, quiet, and my show.  I'm happy/content.

I enjoy finding my family on Ancestry. I can spend an entire day researching and love every minute of it. The finds range from "that's amazing" to "they lived some messy lives". It's fascinating.

Don't allow folk to use what makes them happy/content as a yard stick to judge your happiness. They are not you and don't have the right.

Listen, forget about the Joneses and Susie doesn't care anyway. Find you and do you.