Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Had Happened Was

What had happened was I went clubbin’ the other night and got looped. My boss had been riding my back all week for no reason other than he could. To add misery to sorrow, I had accidentally shredded a report that I’d been working on all week. The icing on the cake was when I arrived home that night from my nightmare job, I found that my dog had forgotten all of his training and had left little surprises all over my house. I deserved to get drunk.

What had happened was I met someone. No, he wasn’t a Christian, but he owned his own company, drove a Jag, traveled all over the world, and owned 5 homes—3 of which are in other countries. He showered me with flowers, jewelry, and attention. He made me feel like a million bucks. He gave me so much; I wanted to give him something in return. Okay, so I slept with him. The Lord knew my weaknesses, if He hadn’t wanted me to go there, He should have sent me a saved man a long time ago.

What had happened was I added a design to my ex’s car. I didn’t have to use fancy tools to do it, either. My car key was very effective. I just put metal to metal, added a little pressure and voilĂ —a new design. What? He deserved it. He was a lying cheat who worshipped that car’s tire tracks.

What had happened was I told people some things that were shared with me in secret. This girl I know was a prostitute before she accepted Christ as her savior. Listen, I wouldn’t have said anything if she didn’t act like she was all that and a honey bun now that she’s saved. Granted, she hasn’t exactly done or said anything out of line, but she is what she is. I know what you’re thinkin’, but you can keep your scorn to yourself. All I did was speak the truth.

What had happened was I saw myself in the mirror and became sick. My reflection was a clear image of sin. I had exercised my right to make choices, and had made some wrong choices. My heart hammered against my ribs, and I fell to the floor in despair. I rocked and cried like a baby until I was empty. Then I asked the Lord to forgive me and wash me clean. I rose from the floor and stood before the mirror again. My reflection was covered in blood—Christ’s blood—because what had happened was I had been forgiven.

Written by Toni V. Lee

About Toni V. Lee

I love to curl up with a good romance novel, and I'm passionate about writing inspirational romance novels. I'm committed to communicating the message of Christ through my novels and plays; hence my motto: Spreading Truth Through Fiction.

My first novel, Expectations, was released on April 6, 2007. Prior to my work on Expectations, I published my first stage play, The Crown Mystery.
I'm a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association, and I'm a member of the leadership team of the CIC (Complete in Christ) Singles' Ministry of my church.



I'd like to tell you a little bit about my first published novel, Expectations. It was released on April 6, 2007.

Expectations is a romantic comedy-drama about a woman who prays for a husband and receives more than one unexpected answer.

When Michael Greer barges into Daria Simpson’s home to avoid a belligerent ex-girlfriend, Daria is not impressed. Then Michael renews his relationship with Christ and begins attending her church. Suddenly, the atmosphere becomes electric, and despite her best intentions, Daria can’t get her mind off that man. Soon they’re having monster alerts that have nothing to do with ogres or dragons. Hilarious encounters, eccentric aunties, and a persistent ex-girlfriend give them plenty of action, but nothing prepares them for the arrival of a secret baby who reveals an awful secret.

Will Michael walk away and fulfill Daria’s fearful expectations, or will their attraction mature into a godly love that lasts a lifetime?

I won't give away the ending. I'll let you read it for yourself. :-)

Do you remember a time when your expectations were shattered to bits, but the reality was all good?

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