Friday, January 31, 2020

Where is the Church?

The Church is a body of believers whose purpose is to share the message of salvation through word (what you say) and deed (what you do).

Our nation is in a mess. Why? Because the Church has lost sight of its purpose and lowered its standard for what has been labeled “the greater good”. This has left an opening for the enemy to come in like a flood. Hatred, injustice and evil that use to hide behind closed doors is now boldly demonstrated in the open.

Of all the preaching, prophesying and word of knowledge uttered regarding our nation’s politics, did no one foresee today’s mess? Were those utterances really from God or was their purpose to support an agenda? When weighed against the Word of God, did they even measure up?

Whether you’ve bought into “the greater good” agenda or not, the Church—who’s viewed as a collective body—is now in a position where its witness and effectiveness has been compromised.

  • How can the Church tell someone God is love when it supports hate and racism? 
  • How can the Church tell someone God loves truth and hates a lie when it supports lies? 
  • How can the Church tell someone God loves justice when it supports injustice and corruption?
  • How can the Church tell someone God loves goodness and righteousness when it winks at immorality? 

Where’s the Church?

The Church that boldly wears the standard of love, truth, justice, righteousness and integrity—the standard of Christ.

The Church that swiftly moves to cancel every agenda and correct every act that does not line up with the purpose and Word of God.

Only THAT Church can push back the tide of evil and darkness that has crept over our nation for the Bible says, “…The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16 

Where…is the Church?