Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Even So, I Choose...

We’re covered with nicks, pricks and bruises from the people we encounter. None hurt like those inflicted by family and friends.

If you’re like me, you don’t open your heart to people easily, and when you do and you’re hurt, the pain goes very deep.

Even so, I choose…

I can discern the truth behind the smiles, actions and what’s not said. Does it hurt? You better believe it!

Even so, I choose…

The pain is even worse when the one inflicting the wound is a Christian. They may have just told me they love me, and they’re praying for me. Yet, their actions are the equivalent of sending me flying with a dropkick. Oh, another dagger to the heart!

Even so, I choose...
  • To not allow the person who hurt me to have control over me.
  • To heal from the pain and not live in it. 
  • To not be that person in my relationships.
  • To love them: The dynamics of the relationship WILL change, but I will love them.
Forgive is at the top of my list because none of the other actions listed are possible if I don’t forgive. Forgiveness is a command, not an option.

If I don’t forgive the person, they still have a measure of control over me—my thoughts or actions. If I don’t forgive them, I’ll relive what they did to me over and over again, keeping the pain fresh. If I don’t forgive them, I’ll probably hurt the people I’m in relationship with because hurting people hurt people. If I don’t forgive them, I can’t genuinely love them.

I know I’m not alone. Someone needs to make a choice today to forgive.