Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Soul Cries Out - A story that makes you go, “hmm.”

Sherri L. Lewis did a fantastic job of highlighting a controversial issue—the Christian response to homosexuality—with a liberal dose of humor and realism.

My Soul Cries Out makes you examine your beliefs in God’s redemptive and delivering power. Do Christians really believe that God is powerful enough to deliver a person from homosexuality and give them a new life? Do Christians really extend God’s love and acceptance to individuals who leave that lifestyle and become born-again believers? Is homosexuality a worse sin than any other sin—lying, stealing, pre-marital sex, etc?

Christians tend to put on their God-hat and put weights on sin. The novel addresses this with one powerful statement: Sin is sin.

The hero (Kevin) and heroine (Monica) are well developed, and you empathized with their pain and struggle.

One other character stood out for me, Trina. Trina, Monica’s best friend, had faced her own struggles with sin. Her struggle and eventual deliverance made her an empathetic and accepting Christian. This was another little nugget in My Soul Cries Out: Temper your judgments of others with total recall of where God brought you from.

My Soul Cries Out is edgy, funny, and REAL. It’s not a story you’ll soon forget.

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