Saturday, February 8, 2020

Show Me

I’ve read prophetic Facebook posts and call for prayer that’s in line with the prophecies.  I read them because I’m trying to understand how the Church (the collective body of believers) reached its current position.

Personally, I believe all prophecy should be confirmed by the Word of God.  It’s not hit-or-miss either where part does and some other parts…not so much.  Just because someone makes a proclamation and wraps it around “The Lord said” and scripture, does not make it true.  Remember Jim Jones?

Here’s my struggle with the prophecies I’ve read. Despite the use of scripture, they are not completely supported by scripture.

Show me where in the Bible it says hate, racism and bigotry are okay.  As a person of color, I’m very wary of folk who prefer to wear white sheets instead of sleeping on them.  

Show me where it says depravity and immorality are okay.  I thought adultery, sexual assault and degrading women were bad things.

Book, chapter and verse, show me where the Bible says lying and cheating are okay.  See, I thought the Bible stated categorically that God hates a lying tongue.  Scratching my head here…guess I misread and misunderstood Proverbs 6:17.

If you would, please show me where the Bible says stealing is okay.  Stealing here refers to taking possession of something that belongs to someone else and calling it your own: tangible (like money and objects) and intangible (like accomplishments). 

Show me where the Bible says murder is okay.  Murder here refers to the killing of the body and/or character of a person. If a serial killer—one who repeatedly assassinates others—utters a few “churched” words, does that mean he’s no longer a serial killer and should not be held accountable for his actions?  Did I just say a serial killer? Yes, I did…sin is sin.

Evidently, I’m missing a crucial point so I’m begging you to show me where the Bible says the Church should no longer condemn sin but should instead support and esteem those whose actions consistently violate the Word of God.  THIS breaks my heart because it’s resulting in folk saying that if that’s what it means to be a Christian, I want no part of it.

Maybe, I’m asking the wrong questions so I’ll ask something different, “Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?” Galatians 5:7

Years ago, I heard a fiery sermon titled “Dead Things do Live!” It was based on John 11:43 where Jesus called out in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth!” Lazarus, who had been dead, came out of the grave alive.  

It’s time for the Church to wake up out of its slumber.  I stand—not alone for I know others also see what’s happening—and cry with a loud voice, “Church of the living God, come forth!”

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