Friday, June 29, 2007

Blog Spotlight - Suzanne Woods Fisher

What's the best thing about writing?
All of life is material. It's all grit for the oyster.

What's the worst thing about writing?
I still only make a dime an hour.

Taking care of your family, aging parents, training guide dog puppies, and writing a novel must create some hectic times. How do you rely on God to get you through all your activities?
Yesterday provided a perfect example of how to answer that question. Just as I was zooming downtown to deliver my hot-off-the-press novel to a store that had requested copies, the kids left a door open and the dog disappeared to explore the smells of our neighborhood. The next hour was spent dog hunting. I fought an interior battle of frustration: Grrr! I can’t seem to get anything done on my book without needless interruptions! But the Lord reminded me to release that book into His hands, and go find that dog (which we did).

Later that afternoon, when I finally did get to the store, I bumped into a friend. She was meeting with a woman who wasn’t a Christian. This woman saw the book in my hands and bought three copies! Who knows if God might not use the faith angle of that novel to reach her heart? I pray it will! And I realized that God had ordered my day, interruptions and all.

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